- Blue Cheese Crumble

- Pico de Gallo

- Jalapènos 

- Mac-n-Cheese

​- Mushrooms

Start with a fresh hot serving of our crispy tater tots or mac-n-cheese then build your own creation from these toppings! 


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Food trucks bring a fun and exciting atmosphere to any event! Mess Hall Canteen offers our great tasting and high quality catering menu as well as a unique experience. We provide several customizable menu options to choose from to ensure your event is a success! 

Catering Options -

- Full Menu

- Limited Menu

- Build-Your-Own Tot Bar

- Mac N Cheese Trays

To get a quote and to book our truck, contact us by email at MessHallCanteen@gmail.com

be sure to include:

- Date of Event

- Name of Event

- Number of Attendees

- Contact Information

- Catering Option Choice

*** minimum fees apply


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Loaded Tots

Tot or Mac-n-Cheese Bar

customize your own tots or mac-n-cheese bowls! 

- Shrimp

- Shredded Beef

- Pulled Pork

- Shredded Chicken

​- Bacon Crumble

Customized Catering from $12/per person

​(minimum charges apply)

Sliders and Tots

includes two (2) sliders and a side of tots

- BBQ Sauce

- Chipotle Aioli

- Nāpalm Sauce

- Ranch

- Charred Onion Ailoi

- War Pig Sliders: Pulled Pork, Spicy Nāpalm Sauce, Blue Cheese Slaw

- Major Beef Sliders: Shredded Beef, BBQ Sauce, Cajun Slaw

- Peace Corp Sliders: Fried Cauliflower, Blue Cheese Slaw

- DMZ Sliders: Glazed Pulled Pork, Spicy Mustard, Citrus Slaw

- Nāpalm Chicken Sliders: Crispy Chicken, Spicy Napalm Sauce, Ranch, Blue Cheese Slaw

- Private Sliders: Shredded Beef, Mushroom, Bacon, Charred Onion Aioli, Blue Cheese Slaw